Personal Touch


My son Alexander


Photo by Michel

How others describe me   

● Versatile ● Enthusiastic ● Empathetic ● Open-minded ● Creative ● Curious (horizontally and vertically) ● Charismatic ● Positive ● Full of common sense

(Obviously, they avoid mentioning any little faults I might have!)

Things I love to do when I'm not translating

✔ Reading books on philosophy, SF and cognitive sciences; magazines and journals on international politics and the art of translation

✔ Playing chess and football, as well as mathematical and logic games

✔ Listening to music (classical, jazz, world and quality English and French pop)

✔ Photography

✔ Cooking ... and enjoying French wines in moderation



Photo by Michel

I also enjoy conversing (perhaps even a little too much) with friends, relatives and colleagues.

My life and business partner

I would like to thank Avigaël for her continuous and always cheerful support. Not only did she skilfully design and produce this website, but she also shares the sometimes hectic life of a freelance translator without losing her sunny disposition and never hesitates to put her shoulder to the wheel.

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