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Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery and Forestry

One the world’s biggest golf websites (XML), including highly specialized scientific papers on horticulture, land management, turf management, water management and wildlife conservation (over 200,000 words, recurring)

Projects in the areas of agribusiness, consumer products, education, financial services, food and nutrition, government, transportation, travel and tourism, for one of the leading Canadian full-service advertising and PR firms (73,000 words, recurrent)

Various legal documents related to seed regulations for a Canadian public agency with the aim of bolstering economic prosperity, strengthening security at the border and the safety of the food supply, protecting the environment and contributing to the health of Canadians (19,300 words)

Several reports on fisheries in West Africa, for an Australian consultancy (12,000 words)

HR codes of practice for one of the world’s leading agricultural products companies (21,000 words)

Health and safety letter to employees of one of the world’s largest agricultural processors (6,000 words)

Packaging and inserts for a Dutch gardening product manufacturer (4,300 words)

Exit survey for a government agency that aims to ensure Canada remains a world leader in sustainable forest management and supports a competitive forest sector (1,200 words)

Booklet offering guidance, useful hints and inspiration to farmers who consider the implementation of small farmer-led groups to be a new approach to management, for a non-profit coalition of 73 Ontarian agricultural, agri-food and rural organizations (4,600 words)

Glossary of botanical terms for a Canadian seed producer (750 words)

User guide and manual for agricultural analysis software (4,000 words)

Study on the use of nanotechnologies in agriculture (19,100 words)

Study of the ecological impacts of channel and harbour basin dredging and disposal at sea of dredged materials along the coast of Prince Edward Island (14,000 words)

Report on a regulatory workshop on the fertilizer program modernization, for a Canadian government department (14,000 words)

Online presentation (XML & HTML) on the legal aspects of surveying (6,000 words)

Study of the impacts on the US of new EU illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing traceability requirements (11,100 words)

Four case studies of agricultural participation in integrated water resources management (46,000 words)

Scientific papers on agriculture: development and release of potato germplasm; development of improved cultivars of traditional and non-traditional forage crops; evaluation of the impact of four manure application systems on the cost of manure management for a medium-sized beef feedlot; comparison of fresh versus composted feedlot manure containing straw or wood-chip bedding on crop yield, nutrient uptake and soil chemistry, etc. (14,700 words)

Analysis of the Breeding Bird Survey to infer population trends of prairie breeding birds (8,700 words)

Silvicultural guide for northern/eastern white cedar (10,400 words)

Ecology, Sustainable Development, Biosecurity, Biotechnology and Biology

Food, Wine and Cooking

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