Human Resources

Health and Safety, Code of Ethics and Data Protection

Health and safety policy for an international property development, investment and fund management group (5,000 words)

Health and safety guidelines for one of North America’s largest investors, owners and managers of commercial real estate (10,500 words)

Corporate accident prevention and safety policy for an elevator manufacturer (13,000 words)

HR codes of practice for one of the world’s leading agricultural products companies (21,000 words)

Health and safety letter to employees of one of the world’s largest agricultural processors (6,000 words)

Customer charter, quality policy, and health and safety leaflet for a British local council (4,000 words)

Loss prevention policies and procedures for Canadian managers and employees of one of the best-known American footwear companies (13,000 words)

Health and safety guidelines for a Belgian transportation company (8,000 words)

HR action plan of an EU agency (20,000 words)

Comprehensive five-year HR plan for a federal department (12,800 words)

Internal Communication and Newsletters

Employee newsletter for a UK provider of cash flow solutions to SMEs in Western and Eastern Europe (4,200 words, recurrent)

Health and safety letter to employees of one of the world’s largest agricultural processors (6,000 words)

Customer and employee newsletters for an American food product manufacturer (16,800 words)

Employee survey for a large Canadian transportation service company (1,800 words)

Several internal HR surveys for a UK government department (8,000 words)

Employee newsletter for a Canadian federal department (4,000 words)

HR action plan of an EU agency (20,000 words)

Quarterly in-house newsletter of a European multinational company focused on customer needs regarding innovative climate and hot water solutions and services (6,000 words, recurrent)

Comprehensive five-year HR plan for a federal department (12,800 words)

Internal video about the "integrity triangle" for one of the world's leading engineering, procurement and construction companies (900 words)

Country snapshots (internal communication) for an international retail bank (3,300 words)

Recruitment, Performance Management, Reward and Training

Website for an international recruitment consultancy (IT and pharmaceuticals), intended for both Europe and Canada (21,000 words)

Head hunter website for the Swiss market (6,000 words)

Recruitment website of the leading Canadian office supply reseller (4,800 words)

Training course for analysts who handle major bodily injury claims (9,600 words)

Study on nurses’ professional development needs (5,600 words)

Several online courses on infectious disease outbreaks: tools and strategies for front-line clinicians (21,000 words)

Study on action proposals for education, training and learning in the UK automotive industry (9,000 words)

Internal notes and memos for a federal educational agency (4,000 words)

Numerous documents for the Socrates program, the EU Lifelong Learning Program (13,000 words)

Online course for autoworkers (European French) (11,000 words)

Educational and public health TV and radio commercials for a West African country (1,200 words)

Bank officer training courses for the main provider of cheque supply programs to major financial institutions all over Canada (94,000 words)

Online course for automotive after-sales people (resellers) (23,000 words)

Manual for a 360° assessment for the international HR department of a leading chemical company (12,000 words)

Several training courses (PowerPoint presentations) for a European audience, for the leading global provider of software for technical computing and model-based design (50,000 words)

Performance management procedures and employee development plans for French HR managers of a large American player in the mobile communications and electronics field (12,000 words)

HR competency table for a French government agency (9,000 words)

HR action plan of an EU agency (20,000 words)

HR analysis of the gaps between job descriptions and job contents for five front-end and three back-end employee categories, for a merchant bank (13,800 words)

Comprehensive five-year HR plan for a federal department (12,800 words)

Procurement and supply management training for the uninitiated professional in Africa (8,300 words)

Training for the evaluators of the Independent Assessment Process (IAP), a settlement fund for claims of sexual abuse, serious physical abuse and other wrongful acts (4,300 words)

Construction job descriptions (building and civil works) (3,000 words)

Website of a Swiss training company that improves organizational performance and solves pressing issues like productivity, cost, quality and diversity by identifying behaviours that keep organizations stuck (4,200 words)

Recurrent translation of all kinds of online and offline materials (training courses, guides, marketing, legal, IT, HR, accounting, etc.) for an organization that provides seamlessly integrated community-based client care solutions where all service providers can securely share and access consistent and accurate information electronically, and offers tools that can facilitate the collection and use of client information and systems focused on implementing Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards/management information systems in the community care sector (150,000 words)

Human resources policy: Integrated performance process for a research-driven speciality biopharmaceutical company that identifies, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products in the fields of reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology and endocrinology (6,200 words)

Employment termination letter (1,700 words)

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