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Website for an international recruitment consultancy (IT and pharmaceuticals), intended for both Europe and Canada (21,000 words)

Website of one of the world’s biggest IT service companies, targeting the European market and trying to stay country-neutral (36,000 words)

Website of the leading UK provider of golf analysis software (2,800 words)

Website of a leading Israeli provider of personalized web gadgets, including localization of widgets themselves: UI with strong space constraints and instructions (12,000 words)

Canadian website of one of the world’s major aerospace and defence players (29,000 words)

Ad campaign on the merger of two major players in Belgian mobile telecommunications (8,300 words)

PRs, flyer and leaflets for the launch of new data-centre automation software (2,400 words)

Several PR/advertising projects, in various industries, for an American Internet ad agency (24,000 words)

Localization of user interface, online help and documentation for an ERP: accounting (GL, AP, AR), manufacturing and HR (over 150,000 words in a variety of formats, including some very "exotic" ones)

Customer newsletter for a European financial software publisher (3,000 words a month, recurrent)

Service level agreements for a software publisher specializing in CRM (27,000 words)

Employee newsletter for a UK provider of cash flow solutions to SMEs in Western and Eastern Europe (4,200 words, recurrent)

Brochure and user guide for a mathematical software publisher (16,000 words)

Internal documentation and user guides regarding procedures in the field, for a Christian NGO (4,000 words)

Localization of German CAD/CAM (construction) software application, from localized English version (40,000 words)

Technical datasheets for a hard drive manufacturer and reseller (4,700 words)

E-book about software quality for an American publisher (53,000 words)

Several training courses (PowerPoint presentations) for a European audience, for the leading global provider of software for technical computing and model-based design (50,000 words)

Localization of manuals, inserts and other marketing materials for one of the world’s leading memory manufacturers (6,000 words)

Fact sheets and marketing materials for a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality stamping moulds and PC chassis (3,300 words)

Performance management procedures and employee development plans for French HR managers of a large American player in the mobile communications and electronics field (12,000 words)

Marketing materials and user guides for the French market, for one of Europe’s leading providers of HR and payroll solutions (27,000 words) 

PowerPoint presentations introducing new products to resellers, for an Indian software publisher specializing in administrative tools (13,000 words)

Brochure (online and printed) and installation guide for a Czech antivirus software publisher (3,000 words)

French market brochure for a leading IT consultancy specializing in BPM (13,200 words)

Internal document management system user guide for a French government agency (10,000 words)

Various marketing materials for a leading American provider of outsourced communication solutions (11,000 words)

Marketing materials, white papers and other documents for one of the world’s leading software publishers specializing in development and database tools (31,000 words, recurrent)

User guide and manual for agricultural analysis software (4,000 words)

System requirements and help files for security software (15,000 words)

Licence agreement for the development, installation, operation and maintenance of a proprietary network of video display units, software and related equipment in commercial buildings and elevators (11,000 words)

User guide for conference call (video, VOIP and telephone) software (32,000 words)

PowerPoint presentation on the use of the Internet and new technologies for the board of directors of a provincial public mental health agency (3,200 words)

Request for proposals regarding a hardware support contract for a large European banking group (17,100 words)

PowerPoint presentations on IT security in an e-business context (4,800 words)

Website terms of use (various industries) (20,000 words)

Private digital network installation agreement (3,600 words)

Full localization (GUI, manuals, etc.) of software that provides traditional, self-sourcing and multichannel retailers with the tools to manage complex business processes while delivering real-time information across the enterprise (270,000 words)

Website of a Web hosting company (34,200 words)

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