Marketing, Communication

Corporate Communication, Presentations, Newsletters and Brochures

Internal (PowerPoint presentations, internal memos, etc.) and external (website, PRs, etc.) materials for a Swiss-based international organization that provides a coordinated global approach to fighting malaria for a multinational, multicultural French-speaking audience (28,500 words)

Marketing literature and financial information PRs for a leading fitness and sport company (5,000 words)

Various documents (PRs, focus group facilitator guides, etc.) for a public agency organizing Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations (7,500 words)

Ad campaign on the merger of two major players in Belgian mobile telecommunications (8,300 words)

PRs, flyer and leaflets for the launch of new data-centre automation software (2,400 words)

Several PR/advertising projects, in various industries, for an American Internet ad agency (24,000 words)

Numerous PRs for a major European golf event (5,000 words)

PRs and marketing materials for a major provider of services to sports hospitality management programs (12,000 words)

Projects in the areas of agribusiness, consumer products, education, financial services, food and nutrition, government, transportation, travel and tourism, for one of the leading Canadian full-service advertising and PR firms (73,000 words, recurrent)

Marketing materials, brochures and PRs for an organization of Burgundy’s winegrowers and wine merchants (5,500 words)

Annual report of an international initiative led by the African Ministers’ Council on Water to mobilize funding for water resource development (28,000 words)

Customer newsletter for a European financial software publisher (3,000 words a month, recurrent)

Quarterly financial newsletter on wealth management, for a leading investment bank (15,000 words, recurring)

Quarterly analysis and outlook newsletters for a Swiss private bank (12,500 words, recurrent)

Sales literature on loans and mortgages offered by a foreign retail bank (17,000 words)

Newsletter of a pan-Canadian NGO whose goals are to improve the quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis through education, support programs, public policy and research (29,000 words, recurrent)

Various materials for a joint conference on children’s mental health, for an Ontario NGO that promotes child welfare issues throughout the province (5,900 words)

Several PowerPoint presentations for a joint conference on violence and children, for a pan-Canadian community-based NGO working to promote children’s mental health (3,900 words)

Website, newsletter and other materials for a Canadian national public education campaign designed to raise awareness of mental illness (6,300 words, recurrent)

Various materials for a conference on public health north of the 60th parallel (7,000 words)

Brochure and user guide for a mathematical software publisher (16,000 words)

Country presentation brochure for potential investors, issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of an East African country (16,000 words)

Various presentations for a provincial conference on human rights and violence against women (11,300 words)

Lobbying letters to Canadian federal ministers and MPs, for a giant of the food processing industry (2,800 words)

PowerPoint presentation for a proposal regarding graphics and printing needs of one of the Quebec's biggest grocery retailers (17,200 words)

Customer and employee newsletters for an American food product manufacturer (16,800 words)

Several training courses (PowerPoint presentations) for a European audience, for the leading global provider of software for technical computing and model-based design (50,000 words)

PowerPoint presentations introducing new products to resellers, for an Indian software publisher specializing in administrative tools (13,000 words)

Brochure (online and printed) and installation guide for a Czech antivirus software publisher (3,000 words)

French market brochure for a leading IT consultancy specializing in BPM (13,200 words)

Various marketing materials for a leading American provider of outsourced communication solutions (11,000 words)

Marketing materials, white papers and other documents for one of the world’s leading software publishers specializing in development and database tools (31,000 words, recurrent)

Flyers, leaflets, brochures, and online and printed sales and marketing documents for one of Asia’s biggest chain of luxury hotels, resorts and spas (over 500 documents, totalling over 10,000 words)

Internal and external marketing materials for one of Canada’s largest book, music and movie retailers (14,400 words)

Brochure, including both technical and marketing jargon, for a manufacturer of high-end luxury cars (7,100 words)

Presentations about a retail reward program (8,100 words)

PowerPoint presentation on the use of the Internet and new technologies for the board of directors of a provincial public mental health agency (3,200 words)

Online presentation (XML & HTML) on the legal aspects of surveying (6,000 words)

PowerPoint presentations on IT security in an e-business context (4,800 words)

Marketing, technical and legal documents (leaflets, white papers, contracts, etc.) for a leader in the rubber flooring industry (10,000 words)

Fundraising campaign for an international charity dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare of all sectors of society and encouragement of education (brochures, leaflets, presentations, etc.) (13,000 words)

External communications guidelines for a fibre cement manufacturer (4,000 words)

Recurrent translation of all kinds of online and offline materials (training courses, guides, marketing, legal, IT, HR, accounting, etc.) for an organization that provides seamlessly integrated community-based client care solutions where all service providers can securely share and access consistent and accurate information electronically, and offers tools that can facilitate the collection and use of client information and systems focused on implementing Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards/management information systems in the community care sector (150,000 words)

Online communications targeting the general public for one of the biggest cities in Canada (7,000 words)

Leaflets for an international innovative NGO leader in serving people with visual impairments (2,100 words)

Market Research and Surveys

Marketing, Communication, PR and Advertising

Packaging, Manuals, Inserts and Datasheets

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