Art, Literature, Music, Religion

American DVD rental website (12,700 words)

Website (HTML) of an online vendor of photographic material (including all packaging, fact sheets and user guides) (20,000 words)

Social website for the film community and online venue for the latest Canadian short films (57,000 words)

Legal proceedings related to a trial concerning intellectual property in the field of music (12,000 words)

Visitor expectation survey, for a Belgian modern art museum (1,400 words)

Materials for an exhibition held in Quebec City on its 400th anniversary (4,600 words)

Musicians’ bios and program notes for a UK classical music festival (2,500 words)

Gospel-based stories for children and adolescents for a French Christian publisher (40,000 words)

Newsletter on social and artistic events for Africans living in the UK (7,000 words)

Online and offline photo and painting gallery materials (artist interviews, work descriptions, etc.) (2,500 words)

Wall labels for an art show (1,100 words)

Consumer Goods

Distribution, Logistics, Energy, Mining, Transport, Construction and Real Estate


Finance, Banking, Insurance, Tax and Legal

Industry: Process, Manufacturing, Automotive

Leisure, Sports, Entertainment, Travel and Tourism

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health and Sciences

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