Prices may be expressed per word, line or page, based on the source or the target text.

Some translators also charge for their work on an hourly basis.

The most common way to specify a translation quote is to use a per-source-word rate.


Photo by Michel


Photo by Michel

The rates below, in US dollars, include pretranslation work, translation and independent revision.

Apart from USD, I accept payments in the following currencies: CAD, EUR, GBP and CHF.

  • Rate per source word: from US$0.14 to US$0.28

  • The final rate will depend on the following parameters, among others:
    • Volume
    • Complexity of text
    • File format
    • Timeframe
    • Repetitiveness of content

I will give you an accurate quote after examining your files.

  • Hourly rate (editing, creative writing, research, revision or proofreading of someone else's work): US$55

  • Minimum charge per project: US$100

  • Rush jobs (requiring evening/night/weekend work) are subject to an extra charge ranging from 10% to 40%


Photo by Michel

  • Payment within 30 days of invoicing  
    • Outside Canada: by PayPal (3% extra charge) or bank transfer (each party paying banking fees on its side)
    • Within Canada: by Interac, bank transfer or Canadian corporate cheque

  • Very large projects may be subject to a downpayment and/or instalments (usually by 20,000-word batch)

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