Jussieu University, Paris


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I am a native French speaker. After graduating from Paris La Sorbonne and Jussieu University in mathematics, linguistics and economics in 1980, I worked in the IT industry (software, professional services, outsourcing, telco, retail, etc.) for 20 years, in operational positions including software engineer, project leader, sales engineer, freelance recruiter, training manager, marketing director, European human resources director and CEO.

In 1999, I moved to London—then Montreal—and decided to make a living from my passion by becoming a freelance translator with a strong focus on politics, international development, IT, HR and marketing.

Over the years, I have become a seasoned and sound translator in these primary areas. I have also worked on a broad range of other business and technical materials, as well as literature and leisure content (music, sports, online/offline games, film, etc.).

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