La Rochelle — Old Harbour

La Rochelle - Old Harbour

Photo by Michel

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I am not a translation agency or, as we say now, a multilingual vendor.
I have been a freelance English to French Translator since 1999.

This means that:

✔ I work from home, and can therefore answer your queries 18h/24! Dealing with a translator located in America can also prove itself to be very handy for European clients who need, at 5 pm, to get a job done by the next day first thing... 5 pm in Europe means 11 am in Montreal... The day is just about to begin :-)

Please feel free to have a look at the Contact me page, where you'll find a clock showing my local time.

✔ I don't assume any structural costs, and can therefore offer you the best value on the market!

For more pricing details, have a glance at my Rates.

✔ You definitely know with whom you are working and you get a very personalized service.

✔ Moreover, I NEVER subcontract and you can be sure that I will personally undertake the whole job from A to Z. I do not spend time (therefore money) managing and controlling others' work (enough to care about myself!), hence the highest quality for the best price.

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