Working Areas


  • Politics and Government
    Local, provincial/territorial, federal, US, EU
  • International Development
    Reports, NGOs, governments, international organizations (IAEA, EBRD, World Bank, IMF, FAO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNCITRAL, UNCTAD, UNFCCC, ILO, OECD, BDC, UNHCR, WIPO, WHO, Commonwealth Secretariat, WFP, UNDP, UNEP, ITU), ecology, AIDS, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, financing, PPP, sponsoring
  • Ecology, Agriculture and Climate change
    Scientific and academic studies, land management, water management, protection of endangered species, horticulture, lawn management (golf), nanotechnologies, seed programs, fisheries, habitat management, organic farming, fertilizer and pesticide management, farming networks, environmental impact studies, energy viability, ecodevelopment, energy vulnerability/adaptation/resilience, clean development
  • Human Resources
    Recruitment, labour law, employee relations, career management, pay, pension management, HR websites, codes of behaviour/ethics, letters to employees, job specifications, ads
  • Marketing, Communication, PR and Advertising
    Journalism, slogans, executive briefings, internal communications, event communications, external communications, web communications, newsletters, trade shows, brochures, annual reports, market studies, inquiries, questionnaires, focus groups, CAPI, CATI, CAII
  • Information Technology
    Software localization, website localization (HTML, XML, POT), user guides, calls for tenders, submissions, business specifications, technical specifications, architecture, standards, quality control, best practices, ERP (SAP, Oracle), accounting and financial software, industrial software, electronics, telecommunications


  • Economics
    Academic research, strategic documents, international trade, monetary policies, fiscal policies, crisis management, employment, microfinance
  • Management and Corporate codes
    Quality charters, social reports, environmental and social responsibility reports, follow-up and control documents
  • Training
    Requirement studies, reports, training for doctors and nursing staff, automotive sector (repairs, after-sales service, manufacturers), multimedia, traditional courses, presentations (PowerPoint), manuals, online training (including webinars)
  • Education
    Primary, secondary, collegiate, university, courses, marking guides, statistical studies, teacher guidelines (special needs), institutional websites, online tests/exams
  • Travel and Tourism
    Print and online catalogues, tours, hotels, cities, resorts, tourist guides, North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia
  • Logistics and Transportation
    Road, rail, air, marine, SCM


  • Arts and Literature
    General and children’s literature, science fiction, crime/mystery, painting, sculpture, decorative arts, fashion
  • Music
    CD cases and labels, music reviews, concert programs, historical studies, musicology, intellectual property, classical music, jazz, world music
  • Leisure and Culture
    Slang, video games, strategy games (chess, checkers, go, bridge), cooking and gastronomy, oenology, sports (soccer, F1, hockey, tennis, cycling, gymnastics), yoga, social networks, film, video, theatre, radio, TV, press, internet
  • Social Sciences
    Psychology, sociology, history, anthropology
  • Consumer Goods
    Clothing, electronics, PCs, telephony, PDAs, cameras (analog and digital), videocams, automotive products, food, online sales catalogues, packaging and labelling, instructions

  • Industry
    Food processing, chemicals, beauty, biotechnology, wood/paper/printing, construction, energy, aerospace industry, defence, toys, pharmaceuticals, radio and TV

  • Banking and Insurance
    Retail banking, merchant banks, wealth management, actuarial reports, monetary management, call centres, service centres, contracts (loans, mortgages, pension plans, life insurance, property and casualty Insurance), corporate websites and online banking
  • Finance and Accounting
    Financial communication, annual reports, balance sheets, financial analysis, financial newsletters, outlook studies, rating letters, tax systems, prospectuses
  • Tax and Legal
    Agreements (employment, sales representation, distribution, sales consulting, contract work, technical assistance, business sales, share sales), leases, tribunal proceedings, hearings, pleadings, procedural documents, expert assessments, civil law documents
  • Medical
    Biology, clinical trials, pharmacology, instrumentation, genetics, public health, epidemiology, pharmacology, psychiatry, instrumentation, alternative and natural medicine

Combining Business with Pleasure

As a big fan of the following fields, I particularly enjoy translating documents related to: SF, music, chess, cooking, sports.

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