Karen Young - Spring Fever

I long to devour you; not like the black widow spider that discards the husk that gave her new life. No, I want to bathe you in the warm pools of my understanding, and fill you up with the strength of my love.

But I don’t want to drown you. A child of the wind, you must fly. I never want you to feel that I’m holding you down.

Neither you nor I wishes to stagnate. We must flow and change, a laughing brook, plunging with foamy waves over stones and dams to the sea. We share the same stream. Today we share the same wave.

I'm happy today. It is warm and you are out running in the sun. All our problems run off our backs like a warm spring shower.

I am not frozen by the storm. We walk in the rain together.

Musique : Karen Young et Éric Auclair

Paroles : Karen Young ©

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